Colorpuncture: What is it?

Colorpuncture, developed by Peter Mandel (Germany, 1941), a German naturopath and scientist, started developing Esogetic Therapy more than 50 years ago. Now in his eighties, Peter is still active practicing and developing various strategies to improve health and well-being of clients with difficult diseases and illnesses.

This unique color therapy is often described as acupuncture without needles.
Light and color give healing impulses to cells, which communicate via electromagnetic waves. Through this communication healing is possible, and it is a path to well-being.

Colorpuncture uses a specifically designed torch on which rainbow, pastel or gray colored quartz rods are attached.
Selected colors and light are applied to acupuncture points and assigned zones, passed through the cells and transmitted through the meridians (energy pathways) to various organs, endocrine glands, different body systems, the brain and nervous system. It is a practical application of the principles of Esogetic therapy that merges ancient philosophies and traditional techniques, with new discoveries of scientific approaches, empirical research, and modern medicine.

It brings together old and new insights from modern Western and Eastern healing methods.
lichtpen2Colorpuncture is color therapy and light therapy combined and both are powerful processes, involving the body as well as the soul and spirit. It is absolutely painless and therefore also ideal for treating children.

Meaning of the colors