Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetic Holistic Medicine

Since the middle of the sixties, Peter Mandel has been intensely occupied researching new holistic treatment modalities, which primarily work where troubling conditions most often originate:in the subconscious.

That includes methods for analysis like the Kirlian photography, also called Energetic Emission Analysis (EEA) and many holistic therapeutic methods like colorpuncture, induction therapy, crystal therapy and audio therapy. All his methods are centered around a core intent: To comprehend and evaluate the human being in his uniqueness as well as possible, and to offer a corresponding individualized holistic solution, which impacts all levels (body/matter, emotion/energy, spirit/information).

Peter Mandel's systems have become known through hundreds of lectures, seminars, books, newspapers, radio and television. But as we very well know, a master does not just 'drop out of the sky'.....His professional experience as a naturopathic practitioner is remarkable, but not necessarily the reason for his worldwide success.

What characterizes Peter Mandel and his methods started possibly during his first journey to eastern Asia, where he discovered for himself - quasi 'at the scene' - different holistic healing methods and philosophical views. He completed study programs in acupuncture in Hong Kong and India. Step-by-step, Peter Mandel thus compared, evaluated and developed a system of holistic healing, which combines traditional knowledge and successful empirical systems with the newest scientific insights and technological possibilities.
The strength of this new system is very definitely the applicability of this complex knowledge. His teachings open up entirely new perspectives in the energy screening as well as the holistic realms. Terms like Colorpuncture, holistic pain therapy or 'conflict resolution therapy' are nowadays integral parts of Esogetic Holistic Medicine or Esogetic Colorpuncture. Many colleagues, among them acupuncturists, body therapists, chiropractors, physicians, nurses, naturopathic practitioners and physical therapists, practice these methods - also as a complement to allopathic and techno-medical measures. The close contact with clinics - especially in regards to new pain therapies - is an important step to a beneficial, mutually enriching cooperation between new holistic healing methods, light therapy and allopathic medicine.

There is a beautiful book written on Peter Mandel by author Jack Allanach: colortherapy book Jack Allanach
Colour Me Healing - Colourpuncture: A New Medicine of Light

In Colour Me Healing Jack Allanach tells the story of Peter Mandel’s discovery and subsequent evolution of colourpuncture, the revolutionary new medicine of light and colour. As well as describing the development of colourpuncture, this unique book offers new insights on the nature of illness and disease and their non-physical origins. It delves deeply into the discoveries of modern science and biophysics, explains the concept of holographic healing and kirlian photography as a means to find the root cause of disease. It includes many case studies.

Jack Allanach relates his personal experience of colourpuncture as well as the amazing tale of Peter Mandel’s life story, including his extraordinary discoveries in the field of healing.

Expertly written and highly readable, this astounding book offers an insight into the medicine of the future. Introduction by the internationally recognized biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp.
The book can be ordered here

Today, Peter Mandel is recognized worldwide as a holistic therapist and a lecturer on color therapy. He gives talks and seminars in all of Europe, the USA, India, Japan, China, Australia. He works with many well-known scientists and institutions, like for instance the bio-photon researcher Professor Dr. F.-A. Popp and the Hangzhou-University, China. Peter Mandel has an honorary doctorate from "Medicina Alternativa" in Alma-Ata, is an honorary member of the Academy of Holistic Medicine of the Grieshaber Foundation and a founding member as well as second chair of the "Academy for Medicine and Reformed Healing Methods" in Worms, founded in 1997.