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The Healing Power of Light and Color - A Practical Guide to Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel

Author: Praveeta Timmerman

This book is a pharmacy of light and contains many useful tips and examples of treatments anyone can apply at home for oneself, family members and friends. It is also an eye opener for therapists, who will discover many new insights and treatments for their clients.

Originally published in Dutch, this manual shows you how to apply colored light on acupuncture points, lines or zones on the body, according to Peter Mandel.

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Sleep-yourself-fitSleep yourself fit with color, sound and herbal oil

Author Peter Mandel and adapted by Praveeta Timmerman

Sleep yourself fit! If that would be possible… Yes, it really is!
And you have more influence on it than you may think. Do you often feel lethargic, sleepy, low on energy and focus? Not being able to have a good night’s sleep is a serious signal of the body that your inner energy balance is disturbed. The key to the solution lies in the body itself.

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Energy Psychology Using Light and ColorEnergy Psychology Using Light and Color

Author: Manohar Croke

Drawing upon her years of experience practicing and teaching Esogetic Colorpuncture, psychologist and author, Manohar Croke, presents this work as a powerful tool for “energy psychology,” able to facilitate psychological healing and personal evolution. This book provides practical instructions for using Esogetic Colorpuncture to support psychotherapeutic interventions in areas such as co-dependency, trauma resolution, addiction, burnout, and depression, as well as to offer comfort for the dying. It draws insightful comparisons between the concepts of Esogetics, derived from Mandel’s extensive empirical research, and the latest findings in neurophysiology, neuropsychology, traumatology, psychology and medicine. Learn specific light protocols to regulate the brain and nervous system, relieve emotional reactivity, strengthen personal boundaries, surface subconscious memories of psychological conflict, expand consciousness and more!

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boek colour me healingColour Me Healing - Colourpuncture: A New Medicine of Light

Author: Jack Allanach

In Colour Me Healing Jack Allanach tells the story of Peter Mandel’s discovery and subsequent evolution of colourpuncture, the revolutionary new medicine of light and colour. As well as describing the development of colourpuncture, this unique book offers new insights on the nature of illness and disease and their non-physical origins. It delves deeply into the discoveries of modern science and biophysics, explains the concept of holographic healing and kirlian photography as a means to find the root cause of disease. It includes many case studies.

Jack Allanach relates his personal experience of colourpuncture as well as the amazing tale of Peter Mandel’s life story, including his extraordinary discoveries in the field of healing.

Expertly written and highly readable, this astounding book offers an insight into the medicine of the future. Introduction by the internationally recognized biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp.
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The Playful I Ching The Playful I Ching
The Oracle on the Skin
Author: Peter Mandel

The tradition of the I Ching, also called "The Book of Change”, belongs to the spiritual inheritance of humanity. Especially nowadays, in a time of worldwide paradigm shift, it has become more important than ever to remember the lunar abilities that every human being possesses.
In his book "The Playful I Ching” Peter Mandel enters completely new territory. His development combines the ancient I Ching oracle with zones on the skin, which he has described in exact detail. Each of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching has a clearly defined position on the surface of the skin, is drawn there and then treated with the appropriate media.
Many years of research and practical application in the clinic have repeatedly shown the impressive effectiveness.

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Book comes with set of 64 cards in a box. Book has 224 pages.
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 Free yourself with sound

Free yourself with sound
by G. Henneges (Eng).
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  Children in the Light'Children in the Light' by Dr. med. Neeresh Pagnamenta.

This book tells about children and their daily discomforts like colds, fears, belly aches etc. and how to treat them with colorpuncture. It is written by the the Swiss pediatrician N. Pagnamenta, who treats children (and adults) now exclusively with colorpuncture.

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SenseAndNonsense'Esogetics: sense and non-sense of sickness and pain' by Peter Mandel.

Esoteric science and energetics: universal laws and energetic processes are at the base of the work of Peter Mandel. According to him, the cause of sickness and pain is related to these principles.This book explains how and why. With many practical examples and treatments that anybody can use for healing oneself.

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Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapy - OGT Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapy - OGT

Textbook of the Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapy - OGT

Author: Peter Mandel

The foundational textbook by naturopath and researcher Peter Mandel is an introduction to Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapy - briefly OGT. This method of analysis and therapy is rooted in the familiar phenomenology of the iris and its adjoining structures. Based on the experience of iris analysis the OGT uses the human eye as a genetic mirror image for the recognition of pathological changes in the physical organs and systems. For the first time Peter Mandel has transferred the topographical correspondences of the iris onto the body surface. That has resulted in completely new regions, which provide direct therapeutic access to the level of the genetic information.

This reference and textbook is very practice oriented, contains a wealth of images and follows an unswerving logical and easy to comprehend course. All therapies have been arranged in a uniform manner. In addition the enclosed templates allow the location of the therapy points within seconds.
The practical application of the OGT is very simple and can even be done without the technical equipment referred to in the book. Initially the stimulation of the topographical points through acupuncture, point massage or piezoelectric impulses is sufficient.

The OGT opens up an infinite array of options to treat diseases directly and effectively through the track of the genetic information
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