Trainings - courses - workshops colortherapy

We offer courses, workshops and trainings in Esogetic Medicine and colorpuncture, according to Peter Mandel.

These are the possibilities:

  • Professional training Colorpuncture for therapist. Learn how to give color therapy treatments to your clients. All according to the Esogetic Medicine system from Peter Mandel.
    Here is all the info for the training starting in 2024
  • Professional training Kirlian photo analysis - Energy Emission Analysis. Learn how to analyze a Kirlian photo on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • Course Light on the feet - special for foot reflex therapists, chiropodists, foot care therapists, naturopaths and everyone interested in healing with light-therapy and color using the sole of the foot.
  • Workshop Crystals: for rest, relaxation and well-being - Peter Mandel has, together with the firm Swarovski, developed a series of facet cut crystals, which can be used therapeutically, at home as well as in the practice.
  • Update trainings - For those who trained in colorpuncture before and wish to do an update.
    For 2024: Thursday May 30: Addictions. and Friday October 25: I Ching, Reality and Change
  • Open evenings - open information evening, suitable to ask all questions about the trainings and courses in this form of light therapy.

    It is also possible to be trained individually or as a group of colleagues and/or friends.
    If you wish to do so, please write to and ask for more information.