Crystal Wellness

Wellness crystals are the product of combining a successful modern health concept with aesthetics. The former represented by the work of Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetic medicine, the latter by Swarovski. Both of them are world leaders in their respective areas of expertise.
Together they developed a series of faceted cut crystals, which can be used therapeutically. They can be used at home or in the naturopathic practice. The area they work on depends on color, size and shape from the different crystals, together with where they are placed on the body.
At first glance the wellness crystals simply look like fascinating precision cut pieces of jewellery. But they really contain 'a punch'. They are the carriers of original energetic patterns. These are holographic patterns of information, which are firmly anchored in nature and thus also in the human being. They are the final arbiters of health or disease, because they can be altered, for instance through conflicts. When denied, suppressed or blocked conflicts 'eat away' at our internal balance, our harmonious foundational patterns change and wrong information is the result. We are no longer in our 'center', which opens the door wide for ill health, disease and pain. The wellness crystals show us the way back to harmony and well-being.

Wellness crystals are an extraordinary life elixir, a 'mini-vacation' to relax and to increase the general sense of well-being. Very good in combination with color therapy.

The fascinating world of crystals with an effect of well-being consists of:

Three Activators:

1610-Activator-GoldThe Crystal Activator addresses the body and the psyche - and thus talks to our entire being. It is positioned on the forehead - almost like a "third eye".
Range of effectiveness: Through very distinct reflex areas the large crystal activates self-healing powers that are present in each of us. It can be used as a basic treatment for any irregularities. Balancing, relaxing, stimulating. It supports self-confidence and radiance.
Duration of application: In the beginning about 10 minutes, after a while it can be left in place for up to an hour. Please close your eyes while using the crystal. The crystal activator can also be used in combination with other crystals.
Crystal activator. Order number 1610. Price € 620,- Brochure

Kristal zwartBlack Crystal Activator
Stimulation of the self-healing powers and deep relaxation through reflex zones of the body.
The Black Crystal Activator is a large crystal disc with a 7 cm diameter, in which a holographic patron is engraved. The crystal itself is called: 'Activator of the light'. It activates the inner light within the cells of the body. The Activator comes with an instruction brochure.
Have a look here at this pdf. Order number: 1630. Price € 620,-

Activator Clear Clear Crystal Activator
Stimulation of the self-healing powers and deep relaxation through reflex zones of the body.
Clear Crystal Activator: order number 1620. Price € 620,-.


Six discs:

droomset Dream disc (disc of Light) as part of Dream set: Consists of Crystal Dream Disc, book 'Dream yourself free' with symbol cards, Wildcrafted Herbal Oil Relax (bottle 20 ml).
An ideal present

In order to intensify dream activities, Peter Mandel has worked on the symbolism of the ten ancient planets which can be understood as archetypes. Over the years, he developed the idea to use the pentacle in its twofold depiction for therapeutic purposes.

The dream disc is to be used on the body
The dream disc brings about a deep calmness and tranquility and improves the readiness to sleep. Further reactions include the increase of memorable dream activity as well as an improvement of the regeneration of body and nerve system due to a more balanced sleeping rhythm.

A natural sleep is indispensable both for keeping the body healthy as well as for recovery purposes, and the same applies for the memorable dreams that transport the messages of our soul into our waking consciousness.

The book by Peter Mandel "Dream yourself free – The Activation of Dreams through Symbols
with the ten ancient planet symbols (based upon the Steiner Symbols), artistically designed and interpreted by Rosita Mandel as a set of cards support the application of the dream disc. The application of the dream disc in combination with the Wildcrafted Herbal Oil Relax is also described in detail.
Dreamset Order number: 1912 – English. Price € 192,50

Kristal-hartschijfDisc of Love: Heart Disc. Symbolically, the human heart is linked to sentiments and feelings such as affection, kindheartedness, devotion, compassion and love, which are anchored deep within our hearts.
The three big L's
have the same significance
for Peter Mandel as
All these terms describe the "wholeness and uniqueness" of our being. The Disc of the Heart allows us to recognize and feel this. In this manner, we are able to sense changes in our lives that have within them the quality of peace and "the gathering of one's thoughts". Many troubles caused by our environment, such as stress or aggression, are lessened or remedied and replaced by compassion.

Order no. 1961
Disc of the Heart. It comes with a booklet with explanation on how the use this disc. Price € 168,- (incl.21% VAT).

Kristal-aardeschijfAfter the Dream Disc (Disc of Light) and the Heart Disc (Disc of Love) Peter Mandel has now developed the Earth Disc (Disc of Life).

Order no. 1971. Earth Disc. It comes with a booklet with explanation on how the use this disc.
Price € 100,- (incl.21% VAT).

Disc of the Elements

Disc of the ElementsFrom the experience with the three discs of Love (Heart disc), Light (Dream disc) and Life (Earth disc) the idea emerged, that everything in on the material plane, including our bodies, has been created from the four elements.
The 5th element Ether is the provider of the impulse and it carries the in-formation from above (information space) into “space-time” below. Peter Mandel has used this concept for the creation of a fourth disc, which he is calling “Disc of the Elements”. Due to his observations over the past 40 years Peter Mandel is convinced that the four elements are involved in all diseases, pains and complaints. He has recognized early on that the four elements correspond to precisely defined reflex zones on the body surface. These are holographic patterns, which contain supraordinate feedback functions and are thus able to provide regulatory impulses.
Order no. 1951
Disc of the Elements. It comes with a booklet with explanation on how the use this disc.
Price € 100,- (incl.21% VAT).

Disc of the Numeric Symbols

Schijf-van-de-GetalsymbolenFor the first time this new disc of the numeric symbols was created as a crystal disc. The mode of action refers to tradition and in particular to the described symbols.

For over 30 years Peter Mandel has been developing crystal discs which with the help of the symbolism can activate the “matrix regulators” in the hologram of the body surface.
This new disc of the numeric symbols refers to the myth of the numbers and assigned symbolism.
Nine numbers are being described which have a connection to the nine symbols that have their fixed place on the skin’s hologram.
Peter Mandel describes these zones as “matrix regulators” like all the other reflex areas that have been found there and he explains that the life of humans can be impacted by these zones.

“Experience the fascinating effect of the Disk of the Number Symbols”

Order no. 1931. Disc of Numeric Symbols. It comes with a booklet with explanation on how the use this disc.
Price € 168,- (incl.21% VAT).

Disc of the Signs Kristalschijf van de Tekens 2
The special feature of this disc is the individualized relationship to every single human being, through the selection of the sign. Applied in case of a disease or some persistent complaints the Disc of Signs contacts the inner blockages, and the treated individual often perceives an immediate reaction. That helps us to notice and understand the underlying background of a disease much faster. During days of health the disc supports our well-being and assists us in completing the daily tasks.

In his creation of the Disc of the Signs Peter Mandel has used the signs of the zodiac in a modified
version. Traditionally, this ancient knowledge can help you change what you can change. Old habits that stand in the way of your growth can be released with it. It also offers you a way to get in touch with your own unique individuality that you were born with.

Each disc is unique with its own number with a certificate personally signed by Peter Mandel. Furthermore, there is a detailed brochure describing the different applications. You can download the brochure here.

Order no. 1921. Disc of the Signs. Price € 199,95 (incl.21% VAT).

The faceted crystals

They have been proven to stimulate rest and relaxation, when they are applied on the body.

1800-Gold-CrystalGold - directed outwards: A person who is rather introverted and directed towards the inside, but who wants to open up should choose the gold of the sun. Gold symbolizes 'radiance', light, warmth, alertness, activity and internal energy, which is emitting towards the outside.

Gold facet crystal
Symbol from the sun, male principle, the outward directed psyche of the human being.
Comes with a brochure with suggestions for use.
Order number 1800. Price € 91,-

Silver - directed inwards:

1810-Silver-CrystalThe silver of the moon also generates specific associations in people. The silver crystal as a symbol of the moon is the polar opposite of the gold of the sun. It represents the coolness of the night, puts the business of the day on the back burner, relaxes and allows the person to focus on their inner world. It is the crystal of sleep, dreams and meditation

Silver facet crystal
Symbol of the moon, female principle, and the inward directed psyche of the human being.
Comes with a brochure with suggestions for use.
Order number 1820. Price € 91,-

Element facet crystals

Element facet crystals esogeticsThe holographic engravings of the faceted crystals of the elements correspond to the four elements, which are the materials from which our life has been created. The four colors are based on the traditional correspondences of the elements. The influence of these elements in our lives can be clearly felt each and every day. Whenever the elements become unbalanced we do not feel well.

Crimson - Fire: The first element represents the masculine aspect.
Light green - Earth: The earth unites all four elements in itself - it is slow, patient and tenacious.
Turquoise - Air: The air element connects our inner and outer world to the divine like none of the other elements.
Rose - Water: The fourth element is assigned to the mother principle. It symbolizes the flow of our inner life, security, inner powers and the search for spirituality.

The faceted element crystals can help us to come back into 'our element'.
Order number 1820. Set of four: turquoise, crimson, light green and rose crystal. Price € 326,-

Set of grey crystals

Grey facet crystals esogeticsBy means of the three new grey crystals, it has become possible at a high level to provide balancing stimuli for polar irregularity on the one hand. On the other hand we can, very often and via specific assignments, break down rigidly structured bodily functions, and thereby the corresponding chronic progressive stages of illnesses. Let us picture the holographic structure of the skin as a giant building.

There are countless doors there, arranged from inside to outside and vice verse. These "doors" represent the individual reflex areas, and it is our task to assign these accordingly. The experience gathered in the past through treatment with crystals, particularly with faceted crystals, indicates that the surface of our bodies does not just contain reflection zones and points. The hologram of the skin also contains all holographic structures, e.g. in relation to the "earth hologram" present in all crystals. We see the application of crystals to the skin as a treatment of symmetrical functions, which are effective when directed within as well as outwardly. The term "mirror" would perhaps be appropriate here, since through the opening of the "grey pattern" its function appears as on a mirror.

Order number 1830. Price € 244,-

Puncture crystals
Miniature crystals instead of needles! Crystal puncture - usually reserved for therapists - addresses the three levels of body/matter, soul/energy and spirit/information. It has been very successful, particularly in the treatment of the causes of diseases. Moreover: the crystals can amplify any type of added therapy.

Crystal PunctureThe crystals are applied with an anti-allergic glue and then glued on to the skin. There they stay until they fall off again, sometimes they last for days on the points. This new, effective alternative to the needle has been eagerly accepted - in part because of the attractive visual effect of this 'precious' method of treatment.

Set contains 300 crystals with instruction booklet, probe to put the crystals on easily, and case.
Order number 1703. Price: € 125,-

Sheet with 100 crystals: Price: € 41,-
Order number 1704.

Information-Energy-Reflector set
Peter Mandel has developed a small therapeutic instrument, which he calls an “Information-Energy-Reflector”. The name ensues from the effect that this massage wand with the small crystal shows at all therapeutically relevant points on the skin. Meanwhile worldwide many people are treating themselves according to the zones and points that Peter Mandel has defined. The rounded point of the wand is intended for a localized massage of the point, and then the crystal is applied to the zone after a brief point massage of 10 – 15 seconds.
All known reflex zones can be treated with the Information-Energy-Reflector.
Set comes with a book in English.
Order number 1992. Price € 26,50

Esogetic ClockThe Esogetic Clock
The Esogetic Clock consists of pink marble, Swaroski-crystals and the rings in which the stones are set are gold plated silver.
You can wear the Esogetic clock as feel-good jewelry or you can put it on different skin areas as (pain) treatment. A booklet with explanations comes with it.
Order number: 1510. Price 560,-