synapsis home Synapsis Home 2
Synapsis home: instrument incl. exchangeable chip card with three programs, which can be used according to your therapist's directions. This Synapsis Home 2 is meant for use at home, as a support therapy, specially advised for chronic complaints like sleeping disorders, stress or the inability to relax.
Order number 4500. Price € 507,-

synapsis point Synapsis Point 2
Synapsis point: professional instrument for point therapy with the five brainwave currents: Gamma, Beta, Delta, Alpha and Theta. Order number 4100. Price € 700,-


Synapsis Wave 2
The Synapsis Wave: professional instrument for treatment of the patient with 26 induction programs.
On request more information is available.
Order number 4000-26. Price: € 2339,00