Kirlian photo analysis

Kirlian photo machine EEA Bioscan

The Energetic Emission Analysis method EEA developed by Peter Mandel in which the biophoton radiation of fingertips and toe tips are shown photographically, evaluated topographically and interpreted phenomenologically. The measurable energy status gives an indication of the energetic situation.

After many years of development work, it has been possible to develop analog photography into digital photography.

The EEA is an important element in the Esogetic Medicine and especially in the Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel.

The EEA represents a conclusive, reproducible analysis system, which allows relevant statements about energetic regulation disturbances by a differentiated view.

Information about the device
A darkroom is necessary for the creation of the images.
For further processing of the images, the data must be transferred to a PC (Windows 10, Apple) with a printer.
From there, the images can be saved or printed.

Size: 71 x 43 x 36 cm
Weight: 37 kg
Price: € 17050,- (this is incl. 21% VAT)