Wellness Wildcrafted herbal oil

Bottle of 20 ml esogetic wildcrafted herbal oil. A blend of essential herbal oils for external application to specific zones of the body. The etheric substances contained in the oil have a regulating and stimulating effect on the entire being.

The ingredients promote a general feeling of well-being. The blend contains pure herbal oils extracted from Juniper berries, Cloves, Cinnamon, Camphor, Mountain Pine, Cedar wood, Lavender, Aniseed, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Neroli, Melisse, Thyme, Rosemary and others. The perfectly arranged mixture and its specific application on relevant skin segments are the special secrets of its efficiency.

When used on specific zones, as explained in the leaflet that comes with it, the oil stimulates dreaming and therefore promotes better sleeping. The skin is seen as a carrier of information from the internal to the external. In addition, we all know that external influences are passed on via the skin towards the internal. Therefore it seems obvious to involve the skin in a therapeutic way with all its undisputed potential for regulating and stimulating the internal. Not surprisingly, the ancient way of applying herbs and oils seems an immeasurable useful form of treatment. It cleanses the body by detoxifying when taken in foot baths: a hot water foot bath with a few drops of the oil will work wonders.
Can be used in combination with the color and light therapy.

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